Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alpacas fun in the Summer sun

One of the ladies in my local lolita community found a nearby alpaca farm, so I hopped on the chance to see my favorite farm animals.

Going to an alpaca farm doesn't seem very glamorous but we had fun anyway. Here I am posing with my favorite guy Chocolate Rumrunner. 

Not all of the alpacas were as friendly as he was, most of them were curious but very shy and  avoiding getting too close to us but Choco greeted us as welcome buddies.

This guy has the right idea, it was ridiculously hot that day, if I were covered in all that wool I'd be tired too.

The owner's of the farm also had these super fluffy herd dogs, which were far more friendly than most of the alpacas.

This little guy is just a puppy, he was only a few weeks old and already so big and fluffy.

Another animal at the farm were these Angora bunnies, which were the hugest and fluffiest bunnies I'd ever seen.

I couldn't even tell where was the head and where the tail, it was just one big ball of fur.

We also had high tea at the house, and learned a little bit about the history of the house and farm.

The tea was super delicious, and I really hate tea, but it was apparently Ginger Peach from Teavana. I definitely need to get some more once I can pony up the cash.

Here is my outfit shot for the day, I didn't really get to wear the heels, I only wore them for the outfit shot. Most of the time I wore sneakers.

Suprisingly none of the alpacas spit at us, and they didn't really smell all that bad either.

I hope we can have another meet here again one day, it was a bit difficult to get a reservation because only about 13 people could book the tour at a time.