Sunday, April 14, 2013

A fun weekend with friends.

Some of the local lolitas met together to make Build a Bears, I however have too many plushies, I figured it wasn't a good idea for me to buy anymore. I was so late, I was in pain during the day and my ride showed up early so I only had time to apply concealer, circle lenses and a bit of blush. I figured my sunglasses would be a good coverup.

Claire's was having an Easter sale so I wound up buying these cute ass bunny ear clips as well as a few other accessories

This is definitely a last minute outfit, I didn't have any time to coordinate everything but I was happy that I got to see everyone anyway. 

By the time I got there, only a few people were left but me and my friend decided to join them for lunch anyway. 

I was worried about going over my calorie limit so I got the Coconut shrimp appetizer and Steamed broccoli and shared it with my friend. The shrimp was delicious but the dipping sauce was gross so I avoided it, the broccoli wasn't that great or fresh but it was good substitute for fries.

I spent a good bit of time trying to find a maxi dress in Forever 21 but all the ones in my size were very garish looking, I found a bunch of super cute fairy kei style clothing that I will definitely snag once there is a sale. While I was leaving this lady with the pink bag tried to take a picture of us on her phone but totally ran away when I tried to snap one back, I figured it's only fair.

The next day I went to the metaphysical store with some friends, if you didn't know from my tumblr, I'm pagan and I practice witchcraft, my friend was nice enough to introduce me to a great store locally. This is what I planned to wear but when I woke up in the morning I had no desire to wear a wig and makeup. 

I went stocked up on supplies, some sea salt for purification, a bag for my tarot deck and some more incense for meditation. I also got some stones and a small bag for me to store them in, I really like the color and the sparkly butterflies reflect my personality. The green candle is for wealth, the white one for astral travel and the goldish colored one is for confidence.

I also bought of bunch of stuff from taobao, and ebay, so I'll show you my haul as well as some things I made in the next post.

Thanks for reading guys 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Healthier living for happier living.

So lately I've been trying to lose some more weight, I've been battling my weight for three years now and honestly my problem stems from purely aesthetic issues rather than health issues. I don't have diabetes, I'm not obese and I don't have any heart problem or any other conditions because of my weight. I'm simply overweight and tired of not being able to fit the clothes I want. It's a bit selfish I know, but my view of myself is very negative, I hate myself and I hate my body, I feel like if I could reach my goal weight that I'd feel better about myself. I have limited myself to 1200 calories daily, which I've done before and with exercise I lost  15 lbs last year.

I bought some healthier foods as well as some great snack alternatives, I like to eat but I don't eat often, I have a problem with not eating all day and then snacking at night or going to a fast food restaurant instead of having the extra time to pack a lunch and breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but I hate eating in the morning. I found some great substitutes for candy and soda, I'm not a fan of Stevia and I'm still getting used to it but I do like eating steamed vegetables and fresh fruit smoothies. I got plenty of nuts and egg whites for protein and green tea for metabolism. As for soda I like the fizz so I picked La Croix sparkling water, and I add a little bit of Stevia or mix it with Apple juice as a substitute. I also got some not so healthy oatmeal cookies but if I pace myself and only eat them as a treat I should do fine.

Shopping healthier is definitely hard and way more expensive so I really need to pace myself. While I was out I couldn't resist buying some fake flowers, I can't wear the DreamV heels I love because they are too narrow for my feet. So I bought a pair of stripper heel mules and some lace, so they'll be my new craft project.

As a reward for staying under my budget I bought a new parasol, the white was on sale at the local Target for 15 dollars so I couldn't pass it up, my pink one is from bodyline and it was 20 dollars.

While I was walking home from the store the guy in the blue SUV missed two lights just so he could take a picture of me but I wasn't wearing anything odd, just jeans and tshirt and a blonde wig.

Yesterday, one of my good friends came in town and we went out to eat so I decided to dress up, I really like how I did my makeup and I made the headpiece really fast.

By the time I remembered to take a picture it was dark outside, oh well.

We spent hours in the Starbucks talking and catching up with each other, it was really fun.

I also restarted Insanity, which is this crazy workout program that I did last year, on it I lost so much weight so I tried it again, this time I'm definitely out of practice my fitness test was abysmal.

switch kicks: 70
power jacks: 32
power knee: 80
Power jumps: 15
Globe jumps: 4
Suicide Jumps: 6
Pushup jacks: 6
Low plank oblique: 30

I really need to work harder this time.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hibachi and Dave & Busters

Yesterday I went to celebrate a friend's birthday, the meet was lolita themed and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat Hibachi and mess around at Dave & Busters.

 Our chef was pretty nice and the food was delicious, it was definitely worth the 20 dollars I spent.


I had Chicken fried rice and my favorite Inari sushi. Even though the food was so delicious and I hadn't eaten all day, the portions were so big, there was no way I could finish. Afterwards I had a complimentary green tea icecream, I was definitely feeling full.

Luckily we had the Dave & Busters to burn off all the calories we ate.

When we got there we were immediately attracted to the motorcycles rides, which were super fun and you could actually move the bike.

Clearly riding a bike with a dress, heels and two petticoats on is a bad idea, but  I did surprisingly well at the game.

While everyone seemed to enjoy the racing games, I'm not very good at driving, even in arcade form. So I opted for a fun pirate game, where you battle the Kraken with a partner. It was super fun and I could have spent all my credits on  it.

My other favorite game was a game called Infinity Blade FX, I couldn't get a picture of it but it's basically a swipe motion game where you fight the forces of evil by swiping and tapping your hands on the screen.

After spending the rest of my credits and cashing in my tickets I got this derpy looking Iron Man plush as a prize. At the ticket line there was an altercation where a couple with children accused members of our party of skipping them. The general rule is that if you are with a party of people, you stand in line together, it's just a common thing. However, temper's flared, names where called and threats were made. Luckily management stepped in to diffuse the situation. I was glad that the birthday girl still had fun despite the situation.

Overall I had a super fun time and would definitely like to hang out at the Dave and Buster's again, it's a really fun place to have a small meetup.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Picnic 2013

I haven't been to any lolita meets in a long time, so I decided to join my local comm for an Easter Picnic. It was really nice to meet new people and have a good chat with some old ones. I even participated in my first easter egg hunt, I grew up Jehovah's witness and now I am Pagan, so I've never done any Easter activities before. This however never stops me from devouring as many Peeps as I can before the season is over.


I wore Little Bears cafe, a dress I sold a long time ago but bought another one from a girl on the comm sales, sadly this one is a bit shorter than my last one, so I'll have to alter the straps on it. I made the hat myself, my friend Cheyenne had a crafting meet so I made this super OTT hat to wear.

a close up of my hat

My best friend wore this super cute outfit, the top is from Forever21 and the shorts are from Megan Maude, I'm super jealous of them and really want a pair in pink. Maybe I'll get to snag a pair at Frill this year.

These peep cupcakes were so cute, I decided to take one home with me.

someone also brought these super cute beanie baby chicks, I made sure to snag a pink one and a yellow one.

We waited for the guys to hide the eggs in the forest, then we set off to find them, I made the dumb decision to wear heels, and had a hard time trucking through the Georgia mud to find the coveted silver egg.

I didn't find the silver egg, but I did find the chicks I wanted.

Most of the time our meets are a nice mixture of sweet and classic, with a dash of gothic and aristocrat. This time around everyone brought out the pastels in celebration of Spring.

After we were done searching for eggs we settled down and traded candy and jewelry. I got some cute bracelets and a broach, and of course lots of candy. It was so nice to meet everyone at this meetup, and the day was bright and warm, I hope we can all have a picnic like this again before summer comes and we're all glued to our air conditioners.

Photos are from Caitlin Brett and Jessica Reyes

I'm back

So after my camera breaking and their being a lot of drama in my life, I stopped blogging due to stress and just not having enough time. Now with a mostly at home job, and new camera and plenty of new things to talk about, I figured why not continue where I left off. I don't really have much to say so I'll leave this picture spam instead. I'll try to update more often now.

and there you have it, the past few months, in pictures.

Please do not reupload my pictures to tumblr, if you want to reblog a pic, simply go in my tagged "me" or just send me a question and I'll find it for you.