Monday, January 23, 2012

Janina's 21st birthday at the Ritz

This weekend one of my good friends had her birthday at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, it was something I had never experienced before.

The day started out rainy and dreary and one of the girls invited to the party had gotten into an accident, despite the slow start an hour or two later we were ready to go and after battling the Atlanta traffic we arrived at the Ritz. The outside didn't disappoint at all. I felt like I was in some sort of palace and even the bathroom was snazzy.

The elevators had chandeliers in them and you couldn't use them unless you had a key card.

However when we made it to the room, we were less than impressed, over 500 bucks for a room and the room didn't come with the hottub, fridge and microwave like we expected. After complaining, we got a fridge and microwave but no hottub. But the birthday girl wasn't complaining so we decided not to either.

We wound up going to the Lenox Square, to do some shopping, or rather just walk around as the stores were incredibly upscale and expensive. We wanted to go to the Gucci store but the man at the front looked so intimidating that we decided against it. I loved everything in the Betsey Johnson store and there was a tea store with some divine tea and tea sets in it, but the minimum you could spend was 10 dollars.
After picking up some booze we trekked back to the hotel room to play games and have cake and pizza.

Janina wasn't aware that the candles were joke candles and so they couldn't be blown out.

After cake and pizza and a lot of technical difficulties we played a few rounds of Just Dance 3.

After playing some games we went to check out the pool and hottub but were kicked out when the pool was closed, we decided to go clubbing and got dressed up to go to a local Latino club called La Rumba, where I drank until I couldn't feel my feet. Luckily I have a high alchohol tolerance.
 we decided to take some fake drunk pictures, we had nowhere enough alchohol to actually get drunk, mostly soda , champagne and Mike's hard lemonade

We got back to the room to watch a scary movie, but everyone was so tired that they all fell asleep except me who was scared out of my wits. Everyone had planned out where they were going to sleep but getting to sleep wasn't so easy as one of our friends decided to start a game of "Who's the biggest bitch here" after a very awkward  halfassed fight, she left and we finally went to sleep
After that night, we woke up the next morning, to clean the room and check out before stopping at a local Waffle House to eat.

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