Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

I have not posted in months, which is bad I know, but I have excuses. So here they are, listen to them if you will. 

1. I got a second job, so yay more money, but boo now I have no social life.

2. Camera broke. It got slammed around in my bag, that's what I get for not carrying it in it's case.

3. I moved. Moving is hectic, it's crazy and I hate it but it had to be done.

So yeah, now I've been using my old webcam and my cellphone to take pictures, not exactly the best tools in the world. But I will try to keep this blog updating by posting my backlogged stuff. I never did a room post, so I will post that soon as well as post pictures from various other things I've gone to. I will try to post meetup and outfit shots but they will mostly be from other people as I cannot take my own photos often. I have to save up for a camera but I also have to save up for a tv, to go to Japan, to get a 3ds, to get my hair and nails done. Ugh, I have a lot of shit to do and not enough money/time to do it.

So if you stuck around, thanks. Please stay tuned for more stuff.

I'm also using this opportunity to pimp out my GoFundMe, I'm saving to go to Japan and being a college student with no parents this is no easy task. Many would say, "why don't you go when you're older" but I feel like I will not get this chance again in the future. After I graduate college, I need to buy a real car and save up for special FX school, I will not be able to go on a nice vacation again in a long time. So as a graduation present to me I am saving for Japan, and if you or anyone you know would like to help me, please feel free to.

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