Monday, February 17, 2014

My Kawaii Wardrobe showcase, part 2

Today I had some free time so I decided to do another wardrobe post. I was in a good mood so I decided to show some of my lolita items.
Here are my printless sweet jsks, I feel as though my wardrobe is going in a more old schoolish direction. I have started purchasing pieces with details rather than just prints and I have quite a few that are still on the way so I will show them later. The pink jsk is from bodyline, the satin bows and chiffon help give it a more Himeish look, it is from bodyline and a very versatile dress. The blue jsk is from Maxicimam, it's one of my favorite dresses and has a very old school vibe, it matches nicely with my other blue accessories.

The fact that the only two prints I have left in my wardrobe have green in them is purely coincidence. Mint is my favorite color so I hope to get some more mint items in the future. Little Bears Cafe is a replica from DOL, I am not a fan of the original's apple greenish color so when I saw that the replica was more minty I jumped on it, this is really a more "true" mint rather than the seafoamy mint I see lolita brands use. The other dress is from  bodyline, I modified the top and added the straps as I wanted to give it a more casual sundress feel, the original collar and straps were hard to deal with and hard to coordinate.

One of my favorite prints other than anything with bears or flowers on it is definitely polkadots. The pink OP is from Bodyline and is a really simple dress and it's easy to wear, I usually don't like OPs kind of want more OPs because of it. The red skirt is from Metamorphose, I adore it's retro feel and it looks like something Minnie Mouse would wear.

Since I am on the subject of polkadots, I figured I'd show off my non-lolita polkadot items as well. I'm missing a few shirts and blouses but whatever. The long dress I found while thrifting, it's a retro pinup style dress, It was such a great find, even though it doesn't fit well yet I couldn't pass it up for 5 bucks. I'm not exactly where the tube style dress in the middle is from and the one next to is is actually a bathing suit, I got it from walmart and it was a great steal for someone who prefers to be modest while at the pool. The dress on the bottom is from Rue 21 and it's nice chiffony, it's short so it makes for a nice casual hime outfit.

When I pulled out my bow box, I couldn't help but feel like was missing a lot, but here are the ones I found.
Top Blue: Metamorphose, Mini pink: Handmade, Blackxpink: Bodyline. The majority of the second row is Bodyline with the exception the pink leopard print ones (which are handmade). The galaxy bows at the bottom: Meltydream, Bottom pink: Angelic Pretty, Hot Pink: Meltydream, Small cheetah print bows: Rue21, Black bow is from F+F?

 And that's all I had time for today, I'll post again next week <3

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