Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Picnic 2013

I haven't been to any lolita meets in a long time, so I decided to join my local comm for an Easter Picnic. It was really nice to meet new people and have a good chat with some old ones. I even participated in my first easter egg hunt, I grew up Jehovah's witness and now I am Pagan, so I've never done any Easter activities before. This however never stops me from devouring as many Peeps as I can before the season is over.


I wore Little Bears cafe, a dress I sold a long time ago but bought another one from a girl on the comm sales, sadly this one is a bit shorter than my last one, so I'll have to alter the straps on it. I made the hat myself, my friend Cheyenne had a crafting meet so I made this super OTT hat to wear.

a close up of my hat

My best friend wore this super cute outfit, the top is from Forever21 and the shorts are from Megan Maude, I'm super jealous of them and really want a pair in pink. Maybe I'll get to snag a pair at Frill this year.

These peep cupcakes were so cute, I decided to take one home with me.

someone also brought these super cute beanie baby chicks, I made sure to snag a pink one and a yellow one.

We waited for the guys to hide the eggs in the forest, then we set off to find them, I made the dumb decision to wear heels, and had a hard time trucking through the Georgia mud to find the coveted silver egg.

I didn't find the silver egg, but I did find the chicks I wanted.

Most of the time our meets are a nice mixture of sweet and classic, with a dash of gothic and aristocrat. This time around everyone brought out the pastels in celebration of Spring.

After we were done searching for eggs we settled down and traded candy and jewelry. I got some cute bracelets and a broach, and of course lots of candy. It was so nice to meet everyone at this meetup, and the day was bright and warm, I hope we can all have a picnic like this again before summer comes and we're all glued to our air conditioners.

Photos are from Caitlin Brett and Jessica Reyes

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