Saturday, April 13, 2013

Healthier living for happier living.

So lately I've been trying to lose some more weight, I've been battling my weight for three years now and honestly my problem stems from purely aesthetic issues rather than health issues. I don't have diabetes, I'm not obese and I don't have any heart problem or any other conditions because of my weight. I'm simply overweight and tired of not being able to fit the clothes I want. It's a bit selfish I know, but my view of myself is very negative, I hate myself and I hate my body, I feel like if I could reach my goal weight that I'd feel better about myself. I have limited myself to 1200 calories daily, which I've done before and with exercise I lost  15 lbs last year.

I bought some healthier foods as well as some great snack alternatives, I like to eat but I don't eat often, I have a problem with not eating all day and then snacking at night or going to a fast food restaurant instead of having the extra time to pack a lunch and breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but I hate eating in the morning. I found some great substitutes for candy and soda, I'm not a fan of Stevia and I'm still getting used to it but I do like eating steamed vegetables and fresh fruit smoothies. I got plenty of nuts and egg whites for protein and green tea for metabolism. As for soda I like the fizz so I picked La Croix sparkling water, and I add a little bit of Stevia or mix it with Apple juice as a substitute. I also got some not so healthy oatmeal cookies but if I pace myself and only eat them as a treat I should do fine.

Shopping healthier is definitely hard and way more expensive so I really need to pace myself. While I was out I couldn't resist buying some fake flowers, I can't wear the DreamV heels I love because they are too narrow for my feet. So I bought a pair of stripper heel mules and some lace, so they'll be my new craft project.

As a reward for staying under my budget I bought a new parasol, the white was on sale at the local Target for 15 dollars so I couldn't pass it up, my pink one is from bodyline and it was 20 dollars.

While I was walking home from the store the guy in the blue SUV missed two lights just so he could take a picture of me but I wasn't wearing anything odd, just jeans and tshirt and a blonde wig.

Yesterday, one of my good friends came in town and we went out to eat so I decided to dress up, I really like how I did my makeup and I made the headpiece really fast.

By the time I remembered to take a picture it was dark outside, oh well.

We spent hours in the Starbucks talking and catching up with each other, it was really fun.

I also restarted Insanity, which is this crazy workout program that I did last year, on it I lost so much weight so I tried it again, this time I'm definitely out of practice my fitness test was abysmal.

switch kicks: 70
power jacks: 32
power knee: 80
Power jumps: 15
Globe jumps: 4
Suicide Jumps: 6
Pushup jacks: 6
Low plank oblique: 30

I really need to work harder this time.


  1. i liked reading this entry and your hair in the photo is amazing <3__<3 i've been wanting to try doing something interesting with stripper shoes and i'm also getting healthy!! you can message me any time if you wanna talk about motivation. you can do it!!

    1. Thankyou :3, I'm going to post a video on my progress, I'm hoping it goes well so I make some more, I found some with roses in the heels but I didn't have 50 dollars at the time. Thanks for your support, I'll definitely message you for advice, it's hard to keep motivated by yourself.

  2. If you don't like stevia have you tried using agave nectar?

    1. Oh no, I've never heard of it, where can you get it?