Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hibachi and Dave & Busters

Yesterday I went to celebrate a friend's birthday, the meet was lolita themed and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat Hibachi and mess around at Dave & Busters.

 Our chef was pretty nice and the food was delicious, it was definitely worth the 20 dollars I spent.


I had Chicken fried rice and my favorite Inari sushi. Even though the food was so delicious and I hadn't eaten all day, the portions were so big, there was no way I could finish. Afterwards I had a complimentary green tea icecream, I was definitely feeling full.

Luckily we had the Dave & Busters to burn off all the calories we ate.

When we got there we were immediately attracted to the motorcycles rides, which were super fun and you could actually move the bike.

Clearly riding a bike with a dress, heels and two petticoats on is a bad idea, but  I did surprisingly well at the game.

While everyone seemed to enjoy the racing games, I'm not very good at driving, even in arcade form. So I opted for a fun pirate game, where you battle the Kraken with a partner. It was super fun and I could have spent all my credits on  it.

My other favorite game was a game called Infinity Blade FX, I couldn't get a picture of it but it's basically a swipe motion game where you fight the forces of evil by swiping and tapping your hands on the screen.

After spending the rest of my credits and cashing in my tickets I got this derpy looking Iron Man plush as a prize. At the ticket line there was an altercation where a couple with children accused members of our party of skipping them. The general rule is that if you are with a party of people, you stand in line together, it's just a common thing. However, temper's flared, names where called and threats were made. Luckily management stepped in to diffuse the situation. I was glad that the birthday girl still had fun despite the situation.

Overall I had a super fun time and would definitely like to hang out at the Dave and Buster's again, it's a really fun place to have a small meetup.


  1. Hot damn o___o. That really sucks about the stupid kids. Everything else sounds super yummy though ^^. Fried rice is one of my weaknesses, although I can't really eat it a whole lot and NEVER at restaurants (I'm sure you can imagine why lol). That Iron Man strangely is so adorable because of it's derpiness xD.
    I'm glad that the birthday girl still had fun =]. I love D&B's.

    1. Actually it was the parents that started the fight, but that's even worse actually.