Sunday, April 14, 2013

A fun weekend with friends.

Some of the local lolitas met together to make Build a Bears, I however have too many plushies, I figured it wasn't a good idea for me to buy anymore. I was so late, I was in pain during the day and my ride showed up early so I only had time to apply concealer, circle lenses and a bit of blush. I figured my sunglasses would be a good coverup.

Claire's was having an Easter sale so I wound up buying these cute ass bunny ear clips as well as a few other accessories

This is definitely a last minute outfit, I didn't have any time to coordinate everything but I was happy that I got to see everyone anyway. 

By the time I got there, only a few people were left but me and my friend decided to join them for lunch anyway. 

I was worried about going over my calorie limit so I got the Coconut shrimp appetizer and Steamed broccoli and shared it with my friend. The shrimp was delicious but the dipping sauce was gross so I avoided it, the broccoli wasn't that great or fresh but it was good substitute for fries.

I spent a good bit of time trying to find a maxi dress in Forever 21 but all the ones in my size were very garish looking, I found a bunch of super cute fairy kei style clothing that I will definitely snag once there is a sale. While I was leaving this lady with the pink bag tried to take a picture of us on her phone but totally ran away when I tried to snap one back, I figured it's only fair.

The next day I went to the metaphysical store with some friends, if you didn't know from my tumblr, I'm pagan and I practice witchcraft, my friend was nice enough to introduce me to a great store locally. This is what I planned to wear but when I woke up in the morning I had no desire to wear a wig and makeup. 

I went stocked up on supplies, some sea salt for purification, a bag for my tarot deck and some more incense for meditation. I also got some stones and a small bag for me to store them in, I really like the color and the sparkly butterflies reflect my personality. The green candle is for wealth, the white one for astral travel and the goldish colored one is for confidence.

I also bought of bunch of stuff from taobao, and ebay, so I'll show you my haul as well as some things I made in the next post.

Thanks for reading guys 

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