Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day on the town.

I recently met up with some friends to do a photoshoot at the local square. I had been planning a photoshoot for Frills and Chills and wound up snapping a few photos for my Gothic Lolita wigs Spokesmodel contest entry.

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The Marietta Square has a lot of yummy bakeries and cake shops

They almost look to good to eat!

I really loved this display.

After hanging out at the Square for a little bit I was invited to my friend Wunderfluff's birthday party. (well it more like a small get together since she had already planned her party for another day) We got to the restaurant and were super early so we wound up waiting for the rest of the party.

After standing around for a half an hour we were finally seated. Everything on the menu was so expensive and there was more on the drink menu than on the food menu.

Wunderfluff had this delicious berry tart with whipped cream, it wasn't as sweet as it looks.

After a long day we headed back home and I was greeted by one of my furry friends, Luke who really enjoys sitting on my petticoats.

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