Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Super Kawaii Weekend

Last weekend after a pretty awful week I spent some time with some friends.
I took a trip to the walmart for some sleepover snacks and found myself wondering why anyone would know more than 600 things about the Jersey Shore cast. Why? Who would make this? Who would buy this?

We had some spare time before my friend Brittany's party so we went thrifting. While were there I found the ugliest pants in the world.

The front side was cheetah print and the back side was denim.

There was no shortage of ugly shit at the Thrift Store but I also found a good housecoat for my cult party kei outfit.

If you're not familiar with Cult Party Kei, it's a Japanese style, a substyle of Dolly kei. It's basically what would happen if Fairy kei and Dolly kei had a baby together.
Check out the cult party kei tag here:

It took a long time to get the outfit together but I am rather satisfied with it and currently working on another one.

eating some yummy Pho

had some yummy Green Tea Boba tea too

and CAKE POPSSSS! They were dericious

I was so happy to see Laffi, we hadn't seen each other since October because we live so far away from each other. This is awful this needs to change.

Amber looking lovely in her Powder Rose jsk.

Megan was left with the cake, if she hadn't have gotten it we would have left it at the restaurant.

The cake was asking for it.

After dinner it was Karaoke Time!

Getting our groove on to some David Bowie.

Laffi (Serepuff) looking super duper kyute :3.

Ayu (ayubutts) looking pretty dapper :P

I think Decoration Dream looks way cuter in real life don't you? 
Karaoke was super expensive, way more expensive than I had ever paid for karaoke before. 

By the way, if you guys could please please please, pimp this out and vote for me for the Gothic Lolita Wigs Spokesmodel contest? I'd really like to make top ten atleast.