Saturday, February 18, 2012

New shoes are a broken heart's medicine.

So I'd been excited to go on a date with a girl I had met at Anime Weekend Atlanta, after exchanging numbers and talking for a while, we decided to go on a date. That date didn't happen, when the time came she suddenly stopped answering my phone calls, I am still waiting for her excuse but I know she's been online so either she's ignoring me or playing games, either way I can't handle it, I haven't been on a date before and I haven't been in an relationship for years, it's a major blow that this happens to me. I wish I could eat icecream and cry with my friends, but no one is around so it's just me and my computer and marathons of Project Runway.

On to the less depressing things, I got a few packages today, there is nothing more excited than getting packages, well except maybe thrift hunting.

 The first package I got were these paws I won in an auction.I bought them for a Little Bears Cafe coord I plan on wearing to Momocon. They look more like cat paws, but I think I'll find a way to make some claws to put on them to make them more "beary".

I also purchased a pair of my absolute favorite type of shoes. My friend Arisu Pai was selling them and I was actually too late to get them but then the girl who did buy them told me that she didn't want them anymore and I gladly took the opportunity to buy them. They finally came today with a few extra goodies and it definitely cheered me up a little more.

I love them and they are the cutest, I thought they were ugly for the longest time but they're so quirky and huge and I love them, I've been coveting them for a while now so I treat them like my babies. I walk weird, so my shoes scuff really easily, so I really hope that with good preservation that they hold up.

She also threw in this adorable pin from her shop Pretty Puella Boutique. It's so well made and adorable, I cannot wait to wear it out. Pai also makes these cute little moth guys, I want one so bad, I hope I afford to buy one really soon.

She also sent this cute resin heart ring.

And she drew this super awesome picture of us :D. We're both fans of the SMT:Persona series so this picture really put a smile on my face. I hope we can hang out together really soon, until then I have time to figure out what to make her in return.

Check out more of Arisu's cute creations at:

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  1. ;//u//;-
    It makes me so happy that I could cheer you up <3
    I'm glad you like the stuff I made for you! [I thought the bubblegum bat would suit you well too] <3

    You're such an awesome person and don't deserve to put up with shit like that- wasting your time.. >~<""
    I swear, if ever I live closer to you- I'd hang out with you all the time and come cheer you up if you needed it~*

    Until then, though~ I'll be on the internet if you ever need anybody to talk to <3 \^u^-

    And also, can't wait to see you at Momo <3